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A brief update of the ten most recent additions to the website, listed in chronological order. Click links for more details.

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         Date Added 
heart themes cafetiere and tea cosy
Heart themed Cafetiere Cosy
and Tea Cosy 
 Elsa Style Tiny Tears Crown Hat Tiny Tears Crown Style Elsa Hat      22-Jan-17
 how to make a gift box  How to make a gift box       21-Dec-16
 squared Tiny Tears Dress Lemon Square Patterned Dress
for Tiny Tears
 V-necked Hot Water Bottle Cover  V-Necked Hot Water Bottle Cover      07-Oct-16
 Bumble Bee Charm  Bumble Bee Charm      11-Feb-16
 adults basic DK bobble hat Adults Basic Knitted Bobble Hat (DK Yarn)
 Squared Jumper Adult's Squared Jumper      15-Jan-16
 Penguin Trouser Suit for Tiny Tears Penguin Tiny Tears Trouser Suit   
 Autumnal Hot Water Bottle Cover  Autumnal Striped Hot Water Bottle Cover      01-Nov-15