Striped Netbook Bag

This free knitting pattern for a Netbook bag.  The bag measures approximately 26 x 28 cm (10 x 11 inches) and is perfect for protecting your netbook from bumps and scrapes.  The netbook bag is knitted in stockings stitch using scraps of double knitting (any lengths over approximately 10g in weight) in a variety of colours. 


sts      Stitches      
    Knit (number after it refers to how many stitches to knit)
    Purl (number after it refers to how many stitches to purl)


Requirements for Bag:

1 pair of 4.0mm Needles
10g plus oddments of double Knitting Yarn (37 rows of colour)

To Make Bag (make 2):
Using 4.0mm needles, cast on 50 stitches
Starting with a knit row, work in stocking stitch till work measures 28 cm (11 inches) changing yarns every 2 rows through the garment.  Make both sides of the garment with the same distribution of colours.

To Make Up:

Sew in any unfinished ends of yarn.  With right side facing, sew around the sides and bottom of the bag.  
For added protection sew in a layer of fleece to line the inside of the bag.  Secure the fleece to the bottom corners of the bag

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