Nixneedle's Special Custom Made Collection.

Here you will find images from the custom made projects that that we have requested for our friends through the website.    Some of these projects (not all) are available as patterns or through the shop.  To everyone that has requested patterns or items thank you as you have contributed significantly to the content of this website.  We could not do this without your input of ideas.

Llama Drama   Rattle Snake Scarves   Decorative horseshoe  

squared jumper   Little Miss Jumper   striped hat and scarf

comic the cat jumper   horseshoe   frog scarf

mans sheep jumper   snake scarf   Chicken Hat

Ambers Knitted Scarf   bubble bee hat and scarf   world Hat

mans tractor jumper   mans christmas jumper   rabbit scarf

Mrs Minion Hat   Basic DK Bobble Hat   minion hat

spider jumper   Yeti Scarf   Bat Jumper

Little Miss Jumper   pony scarf   fingerless gloves