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Handmade knitted Jumpers; Nixneedels UK
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Hello and Welcome to Nixneedles

My name is Nicola (or Nix as I was known growing up).  I have been interested in crafts and making things for as many years as I can remember and was fortunate enough to grow up around talented parents who were both highly creative in their own ways.

Following their death, it became apparent to me what a great depth of support and information I had taken for granted and how many skills are being lost with each generation that passes.  This website is my attempt at pulling as much information together as I can and building an electronic encyclopedia of crafts if you like that people can use and learn from.

In the fullness of time my dream is that this website will cover crafts and hobbies new and old.  That information will be here to help both the complete beginner and the serious crafter.

Please feel free to browse this site and follow its development.  I would welcome your thoughts and ideas on how it could be developed, but more importantly I hope you enjoy interacting with it, as much as I am enjoying writing it.