Heart Cafetiere Cosy & Tea Cosy

Heart Cafetiere CosyPrint Pattern

1 x 4mm Knitting Needles
1 x 100g Double Knitting Yarn (White)
1 x 50g Double Knitting Yarn (Red).
3 x White buttons (15 mm)


Using 4mm needles and white yarn cast on 58 stitches. Work 4 rows in 1 x 1 rib.  Change to stocking stitch and work as given in the chart below, introducing the red yarn as required as required.  

Heart Cafetiere cosy pattern

At rows 10 and 11, cast on 6 stitches at either end of work to produce the tabs for securing the cosy (70sts).  Work these stitches in stocking stitch, using yarn B, while completing the rest of the work.  Make three button holes on the right hand tab, as shown in the chart at lines 15, 21 & 27. This is done by knitting the right hand tab (at rows 15, 21 and 27) as K2 cast off next 2 sts, K2 and then on the following row P2, Cast on 2 sts, P2).  Cast off 6 sts at beginning of rows 32 and 33 (58sts).  Continue in pattern until 36 rows have been completed.  Complete the next 4 rows in 1 x 1 rib.  Cast off in rib.

Sew in ends and attach 3 buttons onto the left tab.

Heart Tea Cosy

1 x 4.5mm Knitting Needles
1 x 100g Double Knitting Yarn (White)
1 x 50g Double Knitting Yarn (Red).


Using 4.5mm needles and the white yarn cast on 82 stitches.   Purl one row.

Next row, continue in stocking stitch using red and white yarns as required to complete Chart.   After 11 rows, divide for the handles working 41 sts then turning (shown as a black line on pattern).  Continue the pattern on this half of the work until you have worked row 30 of the pattern.  Break yarn and reattach to the other side and complete the pattern.  On row 31 work across both sides of work (82 sts).   Complete chart.

 heart tea cosy pattern

Shape top: 

Row 1:  K1, K2tog, [K6, K2tog] repeat to last stitch K1  (73sts) 
Row 2:  Purl to end 
Row 3:  K1, K2tog, [K5, K2tog] repeat to end  (62 sts) 
Row 4:  Purl to end Row 5:  [K2tog, K4] repeat to last 2 stitches K2tog  (51sts) 
Row 6:  Purl to end 
Row 7:  [K3, K2tog] repeat to last stitch K1  (41sts) 
Row 8:  Purl to end 
Row 9:  [K2tog, K2] repeat to last 3 stitches K1, K2 tog  (30sts) 
Row 10:  Purl to end 
Row 11:  [K1, K2tog] repeat to end  (20sts) 
Row 12:  P2tog repeat to end  (10sts) 
Break off yarn.  Thread through remaining stitches.  Pull tight and secure.

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