Casual Chunky Knit Jumper with Optional Cowl Neck

This free knitting pattern has been devised to allow the jumper to be knit with a rounded neck or a cowl neck, making it perfect for those cold winter days.
This jumper has been specifically designed for Ladies with a fuller figure (sizes 20 - 24) as I have been advised by friends that it is very difficult to find knitting patterns if you have a larger than average figure.  This knitting pattern has been created to use chunky weight wool and can be quickly and easily knit up with only limited shaping so ideal for anyone new to knitting.
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1 pair of 5.5mm Needles
1 pair of 6.5mm Needles
900g Chunky Yarn for round neck jumper or 1000g for cowl neck jumper)  The jumper shown here was knitted with a chunky weight Boucle wool.

This jumper has been knitted to a loose tension so 10 stitches or 21 rows measure 10cm when knitted in stocking stitch on 6.5mm needles.

sts      Stitches      
[  ]
     All details enclosed in [ ] should be repeated as specified
    Knit (number after it refers to how many stitches to knit)
    Purl (number after it refers to how many stitches to purl)      
     Right Hand
  Slip one (slip the next stitch on to the other needle with out knitting it.)
 K2tog     Knit two together (knit next two stitches together as if they were a single stitch (decreasing a stitch)
     Pass slip stitch over next stitch to decrease a stitch


**Using 5½ mm needles cast on 85 sts. 

1st row:  K1 [P1, K1], rpt to end.

2nd row: P1 [K1, P1] rpt to end.

Repeat the last 2 rows for 7.5 cm (3 ins) finishing on a first row.

Next row:  Rib 4, inc in next st, [rib 14 inc into next st] rpt to last 5 sts, rib to end (91 sts)

Change to 6½ mm needles.
Work in st st until work measures 23 ins (58cm) or desired length ending on a Purl row.**

Shape neck

Row 1:  Cast off 6 sts, k36 sts (including the st on the RH needle), turn and continue to work on these 36 sts (shaping is at the neck edge)

Row 2:  Purl to end

Row 3:  Knit to last 3 sts, K2 tog, K1  (35 sts)

Repeat rows 2 and 3, a further 5 times (30 sts)

Row 4:  Knit to end

Row 5:  Purl to end

Row 6:  Knit to last 3 sts, K2 tog, K1 (29sts)

Row 7:  Purl to end

Repeat rows 6 and 7, a further 3 times (26 sts)

Continue in st st until armhole measures 28cm (11 inches) ending with a purl row.

Cast off.

With right side facing rejoin yarn and cast off 7 sts then k to end.

Row 1: Cast off 6 sts, P to end. (36 sts)

Row 2: K1, S1, K1, PSSO, Knit to end (shaping is at neck edge)  (35 sts)

Row 3: Purl to end

Repeat rows 2 and 3, a further 5 times (30 sts)

Row 4: Knit to end

Row 5: Purl to end

Row 6: K1, S1, K1, PSSO, Knit to end (29 sts)

Row 7: Purl to end

Repeat rows 6 and 7 a further 3 times (26 sts)

Continue in st st until armhole measures 28cm (11 inches) inches ending with a Purl row.

Cast off.



 Follow instructions as given for front from ** to **

Shape armholes

Cast off 6 sts at the beginning of the next two rows (79sts).

Continue in stocking stitch until the armholes measures the same as the front (11inches) finishing on a P row.

Cast off


Sleeves (make 2 alike)

Using 5½ mm needles cast on 33 sts

Work 6.5 cm (2½ in) in rib as given for the front, ending on a first row.

Inc row – [Rib 2, inc in next st} rept to last 3 sts, rib to end.  43 sts.

Change to 6½ mm needles.

Working in st st starting with a k row, work 2 rows

Next row inc 1st at each end of the row, inc 1st at each end of every 4th row until there are 77 sts.

Continue without further increase until sleeve measures a total length of 18 inches, ending with a P row.  (Mark each end of the last row with a coloured thread or marker).

Work a further 8 rows to create the sleeve extension.

Cast off loosely.


Round Neckband

Join the front and back at the shoulder seams

Using 5½ mm needles cast on 12 sts

Work each row as K1, P1 until neck band is sufficient to go around the neck edges when very slightly stretched.

Cast off.

Cowl Neck

Using 6.5mm (size 3) needles cast on 96 stitches of chunky yarn.

Starting with a knit row work in stocking stitch until piece measures 60cm (24 inches) ending with a purl row.

Next row – Cast off knitwise.

To make up

Join side seams and sleeve seams to markers by top sewing.  Pin sleeves into position placing the sleeve extensions to the underarm cast off stitches and sew in by top sewing.

For round neck:
Sew one side of the neck band to the neck edge of the front and back. Fold the neck band over and slip stitch the free side to the wrong side of the front and back neck edges

For the cowl neck:
Sew the cowl neck line onto the inside of the neckline with the right sides facing. Join the short edges together, and sew into the neck of the jumper.

Hints and Tips:
For larger projects it is worth noting the yardage of each ball of wool.  The jumper here was prepared with synthetic Boucle yarn, yarns with a higher wool content may have a smaller yardage per 100g.  If you are unsure whether you have sufficient, knit the front and a sleeve, which will require just under half the wool .  If extra yarn is required and this happens to be of a different dye lot, it will be least noticeable if used for the ribs.

When casting on a large numbers of stitches, place either a stitch marker or a piece of coloured thread after every 10th stitch, to make it easier to count the stitches when checking at the end.

Before casting off the neck band for the round neck line, transfer the stitches to a stitch holder and pin neckband in place to check the length this means any minor adjustments can be made easily.

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