How to make a painted plant pot

This page contains all the instructions needed to create a painted plant pot.  This project is ideal for beginners or for those who are looking for ideas of crafts for kids to do, or even those just wanting to try a different craft as a one off.  Even if you think you can't draw or paint this project can be tackled (Cacti can come in any shape).  The joy of creating this painted plant pot is that most people have oddments of emulsion paints hidden in garages that can now be used and if not, tester pots can be purchased in most D.I.Y. shops and budget acrylic paints in a variety of outlets.  Once varnished your painted plant pot can be used indoor or out.


  Painted Plant Pots
Clay plant pot
Paint - Acrylic or emulsion (Use emulsion if project is being done with children). For the features mica based paints can also be used. Sky blue, sand colour, greens, white, terracotta
Yacht  varnish.
Paint brush (Certain brands of tester pots of emulsion contain an integral brush)
Fine Paint brushes
Varnish brush
Support for plant pot
Optional protective newspaper for work surface.


painted Plant Pots

Using the sky colour paint the inside of the plant pot from the rim to where the pot narrows

Painted Plant Pots
Place the plant pot upside down on the support (which should be thin enough that it doesn't touch the painted part of the inside of the pot).  Paint the whole of exterior of the pot in sky blue and allow to dry.  If necessary apply a further coat.
3. Painted Plant Pots
With the plant pot still upside down, paint a wavy band of sand colour around the pot base.  The band should not exceed 2" (5cm) at thickest points. Allow to dry.

4.  painted plant pots
Remove your painted plant pot from the support and turn it the right way up.  Paint green cactus shapes around the pot.  The shapes and sizes can be varied if desired.

 5. painted plant pots Vary the shape, size and direction of the arms.    
 6. Painted Plants Apply the paint for colouring in each cactus in vertical lines keeping the paint application heavier on one side to start building shade in.    
Painted Plant Pots
Apply verically a slightly darker shade of the same tone of green to the shaded side of each cactus  
 8. Painted Plant Pots and some brown prickles or hairs around the edges of it.    
Painted Plant Pots when dry, run a very fine line of white vertically towards the light edge of the cactus.  This adds light into the painting and depth to the cactus. White acrylic paint is particularly good for this as it is opaque.
 10. Painted Plant Pots  Using a terracotta shade, paint shadows from the base of each cactus onto the sand area.  The shadow should angle away from the light area and be at the same angle for each cactus.
Painted Plant Pots The shadow should be longer and stretched in comparison with the cactus and blurred.  Any arms should be mirrored in the same fashion
Painted Plant Pots In a well ventilated area, apply a coat of varnish to the painted areas of the plant pot and allow to dry.  This element should be performed by an adult.
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