Knitted Bags & Purses

Here is a collection of free knitting patterns covering a range of knitted bags and purses.  The collection of free knitting patterns will cover a wide range of accessories from childrens bag through to lap top cases.  These knitted bags and purses are designed to be practical durable and easy to handle.  However because of the nature of what they are some of these free knitting patterns do utilise the option of including linings etc in some of the bags (for example as extra protection in the laptop bag) which will require a basic knowledge of sewing.

Bags & Purses

Childs oddment bag and purse
A Free Knitting Pattern for Childs Odds and Ends Bag and Purse, perfect for those little treasures
book bag A free knitting pattern for a Knitted book bag / book cover, now you never need to put your favorite book down.
iPhone Handbag
A free knitting pattern for an iPhone handbag, perfect way to safely transport your phone when your outfit has no pocket 
knitted striped netbook bag
A free knitting astern for a Striped Netbook Bag - keep your Netbook Clean and safe with this knitted Netbook bag.  The bag can be further cushioned by adding a fleece lining.
Games Bag / Tile Bag
A free knitting pattern for a Knitted Games Bag / Tile Bag, perfect for keeping scrabble pieces or playing cards safe on holiday.
free knitting pattern Here is a Free knitting pattern for a craft bag.  This knitted craft bag is perfect for keeping knitting, sewing or drawing materials together



Here you will find a free knitting pattern for a Bumble Bee Charm. 

We hope you enjoyed these free knitting patterns for bags and Purses.  Please contact us with any ideas you would like to see added to the site.