Pompom Scarf

For a long time I have looked at this type of wool in the shops and been wondering what it would be like to knit with and what I could do with it, so in the end I just had to buy some and try. Using this type of wool in a scarf produces a very soft flexible texture which easily shapes to the body to sits next to the skin.  The colours are extremely striking providing warmth and brightness to help chase away the coldness of a winter's morning.

The scarf is simple to make, being knitted entirely in garter stitch so is ideal for anyone who is not an experienced knitter as there are no complex stitches.  The only things to watch for when using this wool is the position of the bobbles relative to the needle, and casting on but once you are used to that you will fly through this design.  To make it easier to casting on with this yarn I found it easier to drop to a smaller needle and then change back to the correct size on the first row. 

The scarf measures 25cm x 185cm (excluding the Pompom attachments on either end).  Total preparation time is probably about 12 - 18 hours depending on experience.

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500g Marshmallow or SnowFlake Wool
3 x 50g Balls of traditional Wool in complementary colours to make Pompom
1 x 4mm Knitting Needles (for casting on - optional)
1 x 5mm Knitting Needles 


To make scarf:
Using 4mm needles cast on 15 stitches using the basic method of casting on, using the marshmallow or snowflake wool.   Change to 5mm needles and work on these 15 needles in garter stitch until all yarn has been used leaving enough wool to work one further row.
Cast Off

Follow the link for further hints and tips on how to knit with snowflake or marshmallow wool.

To make Pompoms: (2 alike)
Using the contrasting wool, make 2 large Pompoms.  Follow the link for further instruction details on how to make a Pompom.
The Pompoms shown here were created on cardboard discs.  Dimension of inner circle = 4cm.  Dimension of Outer circle = 10cm.

To make Up:
Sew in all ends on scarf.  Using contrasting wool, stitch along bottom edges of scarf.  Pull wool tight (bottom of scarf will pull together to form a point) and secure.  Securely attach Pompom to the bottom of the scarf.

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