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Learn how to knit

Going back a few generations now almost everybody would learn how to knit; men and women alike.  Normally you would learn how to knit from parents or close friends and relations.  It was essential to learn how to knit to keep the family unit warm and clothed.   In recent years, there has been a boom in the market for mass produced clothing, and it is no longer necessary for people to learn how to knit.  The art of knitting like many other hand made crafts went into decline.
Now knitting is back and fashionable again.  Whether this is because people have more time on there hands or that mass produced clothing is now 'the norm' and we all want to be seen to be different is unclear.  Handmade garments which were once seen as a sign of poverty are now valued and craved by the rich and famous.  Even Hollywood stars are seen to knitting. But with a lot of the old knowledge lost, what do you do today if you want to learn how to knit?  A lot of the new knitters of today have to turn to books, magazines and websites like this one to learn how to knit.

Five good reasons for learning how to knit:


  1. It is easy to learn how to knit.  Anyone can do it.
  2. It is fun and very sociable to knit
  3. Once you have learnt how to knit, you can create beautiful and totally unique garments and toys in any colour you wish.
  4. If you learn how to knit you can make personalised gifts for family and friends.
  5. And for me particularly, it is a very constructive way of keeping your hands busy while socialising with friends, watching telly or reading, which helps me to stop biting my nails (may not work for everyone though).

How to Knit
This section is aimed at anyone completely new to knitting or anyone who feels they need a quick refresher.  It explains the basics you need to get started, including instructions for how to casting on, how to cast off, how to knit, and how to purl.  This section also includes details on how to increase and decrease stitch number for basic shaping.
Knitting Stitches - blackberry stitch
  How to knit - different knitting stitches

In this section you will find details in a number of different knitting stitches, some are common such as Garter Stitch or Stocking Stitch while others are more unusual such as Basket Stitch and Bramble Stitch.  In this section you will get instructions as to how to perform each stitch a photograph of what the finished stitch should look like and a pattern for a square to practice making. 
Knitting stitches - Cable patterning
  Learn how to knit - Cable Patterns

In this section you will discover the techniques necessary to create cable patterns and bobbles on your garments.  Patterns can range from simple cable and bobbles through to plaits, twists and loops.  All these patterns can be created using the same simple methods. 
learn how to knit with colour 
  How to knit with colour.

In this section you will find details of how to work with colour, this includes how to add or join in threads.  Recommendations for carrying unused threads at the back of the work.  The best way to secure threads or to knit in ends.

how to knit with different yarns Learn how to knit - beyond the basics

In this section you will find details of other techniques that may be useful to you as a knitter.  This include using different types of wool such as how to knit with marshmallow wool or how to knit with Salsa wool.  Instructions on how to French Knit, how to make Pompoms, and simple techniques for knitting the perfect square.

I hope you enjoyed this learn how to knit section and hope you will enjoy our free knitting patterns or will be inspired to join our Facebook group.