How to make a Jam Pot Cover

This page contains all the instructions needed to make decorative jam pot covers.  As autumn approaches these covers can be used to transform a pot of homemade jam into a luxurious gift to be enjoyed by anyone who receives it.  These jam pot covers are simple to make and a perfect activity to amuse your children over the holidays (always to be done under the supervision of a responsible adult of course).


  Jam Pot cover Materials:
Jam Pot to be covered
Material about 10cm wider than Jam pot
Small lengths of ribbon in contrasting colour to material
Small rubber bands / pieces of elastic
Paper for template
  Sizzors Tools:
Sizzors for cutting paper (round ended for children)
Pinking Shears for cutting material (alternatively dressmaking sizzors as well needle and thread for hemming material if pinking shears are not available)
Sewing Pins


Jam Pot Covers

The first step to making a jam pot cover is prepare a round template to cut out.   The diameter of the cover is typically about 10cm wider than the diameter of the jam, depending on the shape of the lid and of course personal choice.  The jam pot in the picture has a diameter of 6 cm and the saucer in the picture has a diameter of 15cm.

Jam Pot Covers
Create a round template by drawing around an appropriately sized object or using a compass set to the correct size.  In the picture we are using a piece of A4 printer paper as the template, but you could use greaseproof paper or anything similar. 

Care should be taken if using news paper or a magazines to ensure that the print does not come off on the material.
Cutting out template

Using the paper sizzors, carefully cut out the template.  I find it is easiest to cut out a circle if you hold the sizzors in one place and move the paper.  It is best not to use dressmaking sizzors for cutting paper as they can become blunt.

Materials for jam pot covers

Place the template in the centre of the materials with at least 1cm of material overlapping on each side.  Pin in position.

5. using pinking shears Using pinking shears (sizzors with a serrated edge) carefully cut around the template, taking care not to cut the paper.

If pinking shears are not available, using dressmaking sizzors cut around the outside of the template and then using a needle and thread sew a narrow hem around the outside of the cover.

6.  Decorative edge  This is the completed edge of the Jam Pot Cover once it has been cut out with pinking shears.
7. removing template Carefully remove the pins and take off the paper template.
8.  positioning jam pot cover  Place the jam pot cover centrally on top of the jam pot making sure that an equal length of material extends on each side.
9.  securing jam pot cover  Secure the Jam pot cover in place with an elastic band or a piece of elastic.
10. attaching ribbon Add a contrasting coloured ribbon to hide the elastic.  This can easily be knotted to hold it in place.
11. finish off with a bow Tie a decorative bow to complete the look.