Lucky Horseshoe

For many years, and in many cultures horseshoes have been seen as a symbol of good luck; hence the phrase "Lucky Horseshoe".  In the UK you will often find horseshoes hanging over doors, to ward off evil.  Lucky horseshoe presents are given to people as they come of age, (usually to celebrate 18th or 21st birthdays) to wish them luck in their adult lives.  A Lucky horseshoe is also presented to a bride on her wedding day to bless the marriage. 

horseshoe in natural state
  horseshoes & materials to decorate
  horseshoes birth of new baby
History of Horseshoes

Making decorative horseshoes

For a number of years, I have been making decorative horseshoes for my friends and family, now you can do the same.  Don't worry however if removing mud and rust from horseshoes is not your idea of a good time.  A lucky horseshoe can also be purchased directly, from the Nixneedles shop (or horseshoes can be custom made for you in a style and colour of your choice, please contact me for details.