Detachable Cowl Neckline

Keep the chill out with this casual neck warmer which can also be pulled up over the head.  Quickly knitted in a chunky yarn it has no complicated pattern or shaping so is ideal for the beginner or less experienced knitter.  The yarn pictured here is self patterning.



1 pair 6.5 mm Needles
1 x 100g Ball Chunky Yarn


To make Cowl:
Using 6.5mm (size 3) needles cast on 96 stitches of chunky yarn.

Starting with a knit row work in stocking stitch until piece measures 60cm (24 inches) ending with a purl row.

Next row – Cast off knitwise.


To make up:

Join the short edges together, slip it over your head, try hood up/hood down in front of a mirror, then arrange around the neck and enjoy

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