Knitting Equipment

Knitting is one of those simple hobbies which needs just a set of knitting needles and a ball of wool to complete. Yet if you have ever spent time with someone who knits or been into a knitting shop you will know that there are loads of knitting materials and accessories?  Why?

Anyone that has been knitting for sometime will know how easy it is to pick up a pretty ball of wool here or there just because you like it or a new set of needles on the market just to see what they are like….  And ultimately you end up with wool collections that look like this …. and you have to start knitting a “Kaffe Fasset” designs just to use them up.

In these pages I attempt to provide a brief explanation as to the weird and wonderful wools and accessories that are currently available to help anyone who is unfamiliar with knitting through the maze.  However, like many knitters before you once you have mastered the basics, you won't be able to resist trying a number of then out.

Types of Wools and Yarns available:  Wool Plys, Colours and Textures

  Knitting Needles

Types of knitting needles
Sizes of Knitting needles
Circular needles
French Knitting

  Additional Accessories

Stitch Holders
Wool Pins
Wool Needles
Needle Gauges