Scalloped Pram Blanket

This free knitting pattern for a scalloped pram blanket, which is perfect for a new born baby.  The blanket is sized at  56cm (24 inches) wide by 61cm (24 inches) long.  However for the perfect fit measure the circumference of the head before starting and adjust the length accordingly.

1 pair of 3.25mm Needles
600g of 4 ply Knitting Yarn

30 stitches or 38 rows in stocking stitch on 3.25mm needles.


sts      Stitches      
[  ]
    All details enclosed in [ ] should be repeated as specified
    Knit (number after it refers to how many stitches to knit)
    Purl (number after it refers to how many stitches to purl)
     knit next two stitches togeither as one (decreasing a stitch)
 YFO      Yarn forward over needle (makes 1 stitch)
     Slip next stitch onto needle without knitting it
 PSSO      Pass slip stitch over

To make:
Using 3.25mm needles,  cast on 170 stitches
Row 1:   K1 [K2tog, K4, YFO, K1, YFO, K4, S1, K1, PSSO, K1] repeat to end.
Row 2:  Purl to end
Repeat these two rows form pattern, continue working these two rows until work measures 61cm (24 inches) long.
Cast Off in pattern.

To make Up:

Sew in any loose ends and press flat.

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