How to use Marshmallow / Snowflake wools

Marshmallow or snowflake wool is typically as pictured on the left.  It is a thin strand of thread with large  pompom like tufts along its length.  There are probably other varieties of this wool, rather than just the two named here, but it is easy to identify from look alone.  The length of the length of the fluffy tuft on the wool provides a measure of the length between the rows when knitted.
Casting On


Casting on is the hardest part of knitting with this wool.  From personal experience I find t is best to use the basic method of casting on and to drop at least one size of needles than suggested on the wool band or the pattern.

Stitches are formed using the thin threads between the bobbles 

This thread knits quite easily using stocking stitch or garter stitch.  However if you use stocking stitch all the texture is found on one side of the knitting, as shown in the photograph on the left.  The multi-coloured sample is knitted in garter stitch and the pale white / blue sample is knitted in stocking stitch.

Again the stitches are formed using the thin threads between the bobbles.

As you work along the row the bobbles should lie evenly between the stitches. 

If the wrong piece of the wool is knitted you get this effect on the needle.  If noticed quickly the stitch can be reknitted correctly, otherwise the bobble can be gentle repositioned with you fingers.

Care should be taken when knitting with this wool, as it is difficult very difficult to recover dropped stitches or amend mistakes later without unpicking large amounts of work.