Knitting a square

There are a number of times in knitting, when for some reason or another you will need to produce a square.  This sounds easy and of course it is.  You cast on and then start knitting.  But how do you know when to stop.

Answer: keep a tape measure close at hand and measure the width of the knitting.  Continue knitting until the it measures as long as it is wide.  But what if you do not have a tape measure close to hand, worry not this simple method produces the answer quickly and easily

Fold the bottom edge of the knitting up so that it is in line with the needle, as in the photograph opposite.  The amount of knitting that remains uncovered after folding is the length of knitting required to make the knitting square

 This photograph shows the square complete both the top and the bottom layers of knitting cover each other perfectly.  Now is time to cast off.

Should the top piece of knitting protrude over the work on the needle, then the work is too long and the knitting will need to be unpicked to make it square.