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How to make a Pompom

Pompoms have been used for many years to complete knitting patterns, giving finishing touches to the garment and hiding the areas where it has been sewn up.  Pompoms are also a very decorative way to use up oddments of wool whether used on a garment or as simply part of an eye catching decoration.


Commercial Pompom makers are available but I have always preferred to use a cardboard template, as they can be ripped to easily remove them from the Pompom.  The template is basically two  pieces of circular card with a hole cut out of the center.  

The size of the inner hole determines how full your Pompom will be (how many  threads will make it up).  The gap between the inner and the outer circle depends on how long the threads are in the Pompom.

The two discs of card are placed together and thread is wrapped around the card and passed through the hole in the center of the card shown in the diagram.

Continue wrapping thread around the card evenly.  Here two strands of wool are passed around the card together to give an even mix of both colours in the final Pompom.  However it is also possible to add pattern and bands of colour to a Pompom by changing the order and position in which the colours are added.
Here the wool has been fully wound around the card.  As the hole in the center of the card gets smaller you will find it difficult to push the wool through with your fingers.  At this point a crochet hook or a darning needle become invaluable for adding those last through threads.
5. The next step is to insert the tip of a pair of sizzors into the gap between the two pieces of card and gently cut the strands of wool.  Do not remove the card at this point.
Take a length of wool and double it over.  Wrap the double length of wool around the Pompom between the two pieces of card.
Slip the loose ends of the wool through the loop and pull tight.  Pull the loose ends in opposite directions (between the two pieces of card) to the opposite side of the Pompom.  Tie securely and leave in place.
 8. Carefully remove the template.  These can be ripped off if necessary.
 9. Holding the long strands of cotton, carefully trim any long strands of thread from the Pompom to give it a smooth round look.
The finished Pompom.  The long strands of thread can then be used to attach the Pompom to its required garment.