Knitted Mesh Style Hairband with Beaded Ties

This attractive hairband is perfect for the fashionable girl looking to express themselves.  This hair band is currently sized to fit an average lady (48 cm or 19 inches in length).  However for the perfect fit measure the circumference of the head before starting and adjust the length accordingly.


1 pair of 4mm Needles
1 x 50g Double Knitting Yarn.  The example here is made with Sirdar Click Yarn

32 x 5mm beads with large holes in a complementary colour.

0.75mm Crochet hook / needle


sts      Stitches      
[  ]
    All details enclosed in [ ] should be repeated as specified
    Knit (number after it refers to how many stitches to knit)
    Knit next two stitches together
    Slip one      
    Pass slip stitch over next stitch to decrease a stitch       
 YFD     Yarn forward over needle (makes a stitch)       

To make hair band:
Using 4mm needles, cast on 9 stitches
Row 1 Purl to end
Row 2 K1, [YFD, K2Tog] repeat to end
Row 3 Purl to end
Row 4 [S1, K1, PSSO YFD] repeat to last stitch, K1
These four rows form pattern, continue working these four rows until work measures 36cm long, ending on an odd row.
Cast Off in Knit.

To make Up:
Secure the ends of the wool. 
Cut 8 strands of yarn of approximately 45cm in length.  Fold each tie in half and attach the centre of the ties to each bottom loop on both ends of the hair band (4 each side).   Knot the first two ties together (on one side of the hair band approximately 4 cm from the hair band, leaving the ends hanging free.  Repeat with all the other three sets ties.  Trim the ends of the ties straight leaving as much length as possible.  Then taking the crochet hook or a fine needle, thread 2 beads onto the end of each strand of yarn and knot to secure.  Repeat for all 16 strands of thread.

Hints & Tips:

Care must be taken when knitting this pattern to ensure that you are on the correct row.  This can be determined by looking at the layout of the rows.  Accidentally repeating the same row will result in the hair band leaning in one direction rather than extending straight up.

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