How to make a Pumpkin Brooch

This page contains all the instructions needed to make a Pumpkin Brooch, as Halloween approaches, this bright and cheerful brooch will be perfect for adding colour to a Trick or Treat costume or as an unusual accessory. This motif is also the perfect size to be sewn onto hat or used as a bag charm. This pumpkin brooch is simple to make and a perfect activity to do with your children.
This pumpkin brooch motif is made from felt.  The example shown here has been sewn but it is possible to make something similar using glue and marker pens if you don't want / like to sew.


1 Small piece of Orange Felt (15cm x 7cm)
1 Small piece of Greem Felt (4cm x 4cm)
Black or Brown Cotton Thread
Safety Pin
Scissors for cutting felt (round ended for children)
Sewing Pins
Marker Pen (optional)
Glue (optional)
Pumpkin Brooch



Print out the template image onto A4 paper, enlarge if necessary to fit the size of brooch you are making.

Cut out the images on the paper and attach onto the felt with pins.  You will require 2 pieces of the pumpkin from the orange felt, and one stalk from the green felt. Carefully cut around the solid with scissors.

Carefully align the two pieces of the pumpkin together and place the stalk between the two pieces of the pumpkin on the top edge

Carefully secure the stalk in place using back stitch (or gluing the edges)

Carefully sew using blanket stitch (or glue) around the rest of the pumpkin leaving a small hole to add the stuffing.  If using glue leave dry.

Lightly stuff the inside of the motif and close the gap by completing the blanket stitch edge or by applying a little more glue.  (If gluing place a clothes peg edge of the brooch, taking care not to get glue on it to hold the sides together.  Allow to dry)
Using back stitch sew on the dotted textured lines to the pumpkin as shown on the template.  Sew through both layers of felt to give a quilted effect.  (Alternately, these can be applied with a marker pen)
Add the features (eyes nose and mouth) to the pumpkin by sewing or drawing.  Attach the safety pin to the back.  This can either be sewn in place or if using glue, stick a spare piece of felt over the back of the safety pin to secure it.