Paper Chain Scarf

This free knitting pattern for a paper chain scarf, which is simple to make and the perfect project for anyone new to knitting.  This scarf is designed to fit a child but extra sections could easily be added to increase its length.


1 pair of 4.0mm Needles
1 x 75g Double Knitting Yarn (as many colours as possible)


To make each link (require 71 in a variety of colours):
Using 4.0mm needles and main colour, cast on 33 stitches
Row 1:  Knit to end
Row 2:  Purl to end
Row 3:  Knit to end
Row 4:  Purl to end
Cast of in Knit

To make Up:
  1. Sewing up the loops to make 12 chains each containing 5 knitted links joined together by stitching the short edges on each link together.  The outer surface should show the reverse stocking stitch.
  2. Take 6 of these chains and thread the end link onto an open link.  Sew this link shut to secure the chains.  Divide these six chains into two groups each containing three neighbouring chain links.  Thread three of these chains onto a new open link and attach a further unattached three chains onto the link before sewing it shut.
  3. Repeat step 2 until all the free chains have been used up.
  4. With the remaining links, make 4 chains each containing 2 knitted links as in step 1.
  5. On one free end of the scarf, using a free link, join together the three chains at the end of the scarf with 2 of the two chain links.  Sew the short edges together to secure.  Repeat on other end.

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