Knitted Lavender Bag Bow

Perfect to fragrance draws and wardrobes or to keep under your pillow for the perfect nights sleep.


1 pair 3.75 mm Needles
A small ball of double knitting yarn.  (In this case Baby DK Snowdrop yarn)

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Using 3.75mm needles cast on 10 stitches.
Work in stocking stitch until work measure 15 cm.

Cast off.

To make up

With wrong sides facing sew together the cast on and cast off edges.  This seam is positioned centrally at the back of the work.  Join the top and bottom seams together, leaving a sufficient hole to turn the bag the correct way out and to add the stuffing.  Turn the bag the correct way out.  Take a double length of yarn and using a running stitch, sew around centre of bag.  Do not secure the ends of the yarn as this thread is used to create the shaping in the centre of the bag.

Add Lavender and sew the gap in the bag securely shut.  If your knitting is very loose or the lavender seeds particularly small it is worth considering sewing the seeds in a muslin pouch or tying then into an old clean pop sock to prevent seeds from escaping from the bag.

Position the lavender equally between both halves of the bag.  Gather up the double length of yarn to give the desired indent in the centre of the bag and secure.  This thread can be used as a hanging loop if required

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