Two Toned Dish Cloth

This is a free knitting pattern for a two toned dish cloth.  Cotton dish clothes have been used in the home for many decades.  They are strong, absorbent, can be boil washed and last for many years.

1 x 5mm Knitting Needles
1 x 50g Craft Cotton (Ecru)
1 x 100g Craft Cotton (White)
1 x 2mm Crochet hook (for hanging loop)


Using 5mm needles cast on 40 stitches using the ecru craft cotton.
Work two rows in garter stitch then change to the white craft cotton.   Continue working in garter stitch until the dish cloth is square except for two rows.  Change to ecru craft cotton.  Work two rows in garter stitch.
Cast Of
If adding the optional hanging loop, cast off to leave the last stitch on the needle.  Transfer this onto the 2mm crochet hook and crochet 20 chains before completing the circle.  Tie off securely and sew in ends.

Hints & Tips:
Making the perfect square, click here

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