Stone Circle Cafetiere Cosy

This cafetiere cosy is designed to fit the standard 6 cup cafetiere (9cm diameter 14 cm height).

1 x 4mm Knitting Needles
1 x 50g Black Double Knitting Yarn (Colour A)
1 x 50g Contrasting Wool (in this case Patons Smoothie DK with pink / blue hues; Colour B).
3 x Black buttons (15 mm)


Using 4mm needles cast on 58 stitches using colour A.
Work rows 1 to 4 in 1 x 1 rib using colour A.  Change to stocking stitch and work as given in the chart below, introducing colour B as required. 

Alternatively this can be downloaded using the following link. Stone Circle
At rows 10 and 11, cast on 6 stitches at either end of work to produce the tabs for securing the cosy (70sts).  Work these stitches in stocking stitch, using yarn B, while completing the rest of the work.  Make three button holes on the right hand tab, as shown in the chart at lines 15, 21 & 27. This is done by knitting the right hand tab (at rows 15, 21 and 27) as K2 cast off next 2 sts, K2 and then on the following row P2, Cast on 2 sts, P2).  Cast off 6 sts at beginning of rows 32 and 33 (58sts).  Continue in pattern until 36 rows have been completed.  Complete the next 4 rows in 1 x 1 rib.  Cast off in rib.
Cast Off.
Sew in ends and attach 3 buttons onto the left tab.

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