Wedding Horseshoe

These ribboned horseshoes make perfect gifts as a wedding horseshoe.  Traditionally horseshoes are presented to the bride after she has walked down the aisle, as a symbol of luck and fertility for the union.  Many commercially wedding horseshoes are made from plastic or card and I think can look cheap and tacky.  The wedding horseshoe made here (and available through the Nixneedles shop) are based on genuine steel or aluminium horseshoes or racing plates which are cleaned up and decorated.  The shoes in this section are prepared in the same way as all other shoes except that prior to decorating the shoe is covered in ribbon to soften its appearance.

The wedding horseshoe can be prepared in a variety of different colours and designs to create a totally unique gift which will be cherished for years to come.  For the perfect finishing touch why not make a card and box to complement you wedding horseshoe.