Adult's Basic DK Bobble Hat

Here is a basic knitting pattern for an adults DK knitted bobble hat.  This knitted bobble hat is made using stocking stitch and with double knitting weight yarn.  This free knitting pattern produces a warm and pliable knitted bobble hat, which is close fitting for extra warmth on a winters day.  This free knitting pattern for a bobble hat is perfect for anyone new to knitting as it has very simple shaping and knits up very quickly and would make a perfect present for any Lady or Gentleman


1 x 100g balls of double knitting yarn 
1 x 4.0mm Knitting Needles 
1 x 3.25mm Knitting Needles


sts      Stitches      
    Knit (number after it refers to how many stitches to knit)
 K2tog     Knit next two stitches together as one stitch (decreases the number of stitches by 1)
[ ]
    Repeat instructions within [ ] as specified by the instruction directly following the bracket

Adults knitted bobble hat

To make hat (make 1):
Using 3.25mm needles cast on 120 stitches.
Work 14 rows in K2, P2 rib

Change to 4.0mm needles and starting with a knit row, work 15cm (6 inches) in stocking stitch.

Shape Crown: 
Row 1:  K5, [K2tog, K10] repeat to last 5 sts, K5  (110 sts) 
Row 2:  Purl to end 
Row 3:  Knit to end 
Row 4:  Purl to end 
Row 5:  [K5, K2tog] repeat to last 5 sts, K5  (95 sts) 
Row 6:  Purl to end 
Row 7:  Knit to end 
Row 8:  Purl to end 
Row 9:  K2, [K2tog, K4] repeat to last stitch, K1  (79 sts) 
Row 10:  Purl to end 
Row 11:  Knit to end 
Row 12:  Purl to end 
Row 13: [K3, K2tog] repeat to 4 sts, K4  (64 sts) 
Row 14:  Purl to end 
Row 15:  Knit to end 
Row 16:  Purl to end 
Row 17: [K3, K2tog] repeat to 4 sts, K4  (52 sts) 
Row 18:  Purl to end 
Row 19:  Knit to end 
Row 20:  Purl to end 
Row 21: [K2, K2tog] repeat to end  (39 sts) 
Row 22:  Purl to end 
Row 23:  [K2tog, K1] repeat to end  (26 sts) 
Row 24:  Purl to end 
Row 25:  [K2tog] repeat to end  (13 sts) 
Break off yarn.  Thread through remaining stitches.  Pull tight and secure.



To make up

Carefully sew down back of hat ensuring that the seam cannot be seen on the outside of the hat.  Make a Pompom and attach securely to the top of the hat.The Pompom shown here was prepared by wrapping wool around my hand, tying in the centre and trimming to shape.


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