How to make a Pumpkin Bag

This page contains all the instructions needed to make a Pumpkin bag.  As Halloween approaches, this bright and cheerful bag will be perfect for taking out Trick or Treating.  This pumpkin bag is simple to make and a perfect activity to amuse your children (always to be done under the supervision of a responsible adult of course).


2 Large pieces of Green Felt
1 Small piece of Orange Felt
1 Small piece of Black Felt
4 Small Orange Buttons
2 Stick-On Goggle eyes
Cotton Thread
Scissors for cutting felt (round ended for children)
Sewing Pins
Marker Pen
Halloween Bag Template



Print out the template image onto A4 paper, enlarge if necessary to fit the size of bag you are making. The template has an optional stalk which can be used if you don't want to use the witches hat.

Cut out the images on the paper and attach onto the felt with pins.  The pumpkin should be on the orange felt.  The hat, mouth and nose are on the black felt. Carefully cut around the solid with scissors.

Using scissors and a steel ruler carefully cut two handles of equal thickness, one from each piece of green felt.

Using either a needle and thread or the marker pen, carefully add in the shaping lines at the bottom of the pumpkin, as highlighted by the dashed lines on the template.

Carefully glue or sew the nose and mouth onto the pumpkin.  Glue on the google eyes.  Leave to dry.

Place the two large pieces of green felt together and pin the corners.  Carefully glue or sew the edges of the bag together, leaving the top of the bag open.  If the bag is glued together leave to dry before completing.  We would recommend the use of a little glue and then sewing (in blanket stitch) over the top of this to add extra strength to the felt.
Taking the two smaller pieces of green felt, arrange then to form handles along the top edge of the bag.  when you are happy with the position attach the handles to the bag using the orange button on each side or alternatively glue in place.
Finally position the pumpkin and the hat (if using) onto the bag and glue or sew into place.