Easy Knitting Patterns

Here you will find a collection of easy knitting patterns.  These basic knitting patterns are perfect for a beginner or anyone new to knitting.  To complete these patterns you will require only a knowledge of the basic knit and purl stitches.

Basic Knitting Patterns - The patterns below require no shaping.  Some where stated may require simple colour changes (whole rows knitted in a different colour).


Harriers Squared Dog Blanket

Here you will find an easy knitting pattern for Harriers Squared Dog Blanket.  This pattern is basically built up of a number of plain stocking stitch squares with a border knitted around it.  If you do not feel confident picking up the stitches in the border you could instead loosely cast on the required number of stitches and then sew the border onto the blanket.

The border on this easy knitting pattern requires simple colour changes.
Moss Stitch Hairband
Here is a basic knitting pattern for a Moss Stitch Hairband.  The length of this easy knitting pattern for the moss stitch hair band can prepared to fit a child or an adult based on the length to which it is made.   This hatband is prepared using alternating knit one, purl one stitches to create a unique bobble type effect.
Paper Chain Scarf Here you will find an Easy Knitting patterns for a Paper Chain Scarf.  This free knitting pattern is perfect for a beginner or anyone who dislikes shaping.  Each link in this novelty scarf is prepared by making a knitting a rectangle in a different colour.  Once cast off these rectangles are sewn together to form links in a chain.
Summer Cushions
Here is a Basic Knitting Pattern for Summer Cushions for the house or garden  This easy knitting pattern is ideal for a beginner as the cushions are prepared with variegated yarn.  This easy knitting pattern is prepared by knitting a large square and then folding the corners in to form the distinctive pattern.
Traditional Dishcloth
Here you will find an easy knitting pattern for a traditional dishcloth.  This basic knitting pattern for a dish cloth is prepared in craft cotton and uses garter stitch to prepare a square shaped dishcloth which is practical to use and easy to clean.  To make the pattern simpler leave off the optional hanging.
Knitted cowl Here is a basic knitting pattern for a Detachable Cowl Neckline.  This cowl is a simple but effective addition to a simple jumper or top.  This simple knitting pattern is prepared with variegated yarn and is knitted straight and then sewn together to make the shaping.
Childs Folded Bobble Hat
Here you will find an easy knitting pattern for a Childs Folded Bobble Hat.  This basic knitting pattern is for a hat prepared in speckled yarn and makes a great gift for a child on a winters day.  The hat is prepared using a small section of ribbed knitting and then working straight in stocking stitch until the hat is the desired length.  The top of the hat is then folded over and secured with a Pompom. 
Moss Stitch Scarf
Here is a basic knitting pattern for a Moss Stitch Scarf.  This is an easy knitting pattern which is prepared in using Moss Stitch (alternating knit one, purl one) to make a distinctive bobble look effect.  This scarf contains no changes of colour but does involve knitting with two strands of yarn at the same time.
Book Bag
Here you will find an easy knitting pattern for a knitted book bag.  This is a basic knitting pattern which prepares a cover for a book that can be used to carry it around when not in use.  The book bag is made from a large rectangular piece of stocking stitch.  The actual pattern requires three strands of crochet to be created and plaited together to make the handle.  However the strands of crochet could be replaces by plaited ribbon in complementary colours to produce an alternate look.
Autumnal Striped Hot Water Bottle Cover
Here you will find a basic knitting pattern for an Autumnal Striped Hot Water Bottle Cover.  This basic knitting pattern produces a knitted hot water bottle cover in staggering Autumnal colour tones.  This easy knitting pattern uses double knitting yarn, stocking stitch and simple colour changes to produce staggering results.
iPhone Hand Bag
Here you will find an easy knitting pattern for an iPhone Hand Bag.  This basic knitting pattern makes a small hand bag suitable to house an iPhone and a small amount of money, for those summer days when there is a shortage of pockets but still the need to carry a phone when you are out with the dog. 

I hope you have enjoyed these easy knitting patterns .  If anything is unclear or you would like anything designing please feel free to contact us.