Textured Scarf

This scarf is soft, warm scarf and easily moulds to your shape.  An extremely feminine scarf which is perfect for wearing with a coat for extra warmth or dressing up an outfit for a classic feel.  It's open knit is both simple and elegant, but due to the number of strands of yarn, perhaps not for the complete beginner.  

This scarf measures 28cm x approximately 150 cm in length. Length of scarf depends on the number of meters of yarn in the shortest ball. Total preparation time is probably about 3 - 6 hours depending on experience.

1 pair of 20mm Needles
3 / 4 x 50g balls of fashion yarn with different textures and colours.  The wool is combined together and knitted as a single thread.  The open texture is provided by wrapping the wool around the needle twice for every stitch in every knit row.

To make scarf:
Using 20mm needles, and a strand from each ball of  yarn, cast on 11 stitches
Row 1:  Purl to end
Row 2:  Knit to end, wrapping wool around needle twice for each stitch
Row 3:  Purl to end , knitting into one strand of stitch and allowing both to be removed from needle.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until no yarn remains, except for sufficient to cast off.
Cast Off.

To make Up:
Secure the ends of the wool. 

Hints & Tips:

Care must be taken when knitting this scarf to ensure that all the strands of yarn are wrapped around the needle and removed from the needle for each stitch.  Accidentally missing a thread of yarn and knitting it separately will cause the pattern to go wrong and may increase the number of stitches on the needles.
It can be difficult to keep the tension correct across the rows which have been wold around the needle twice.  This is much easier to adjust after completing each row.  If like me you find slipping the first stitch on a row helps maintain the tension.  A similar effect can be obtained by knitting the first stitch of the row normally and then winding the wool twice around the needles for all subsequent stitches.

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