Decorative Horseshoes Libary

Here you will find a number of my favorite decorative horseshoes.  All these designs were made using a real used horseshoe which have been cleaned up prior to decorating.  These are intended to provide inspiration as to what can be made if you feel so inclined.  This is by no means an extensive list as each horseshoe in its own way is very special.  I have divided the shoes up into categories but this is by no means exclusive and any design can be used for any purpose you wish and in any colour system to suit your requirements.

Decorative horseshoes can also be purchased from the Nixneedles shop, if you don't want the hassle of making your own or a horseshoe can be prepared in a choice of style and colour to suit you, please contact me for details

decorative horseshoes covered with Ribbon   Ribbon Covered Horseshoes
decorative horseshoe no ribbon
  Non-Ribbon Covered Horseshoes

decorative horseshoes novelty

Unique Decorative Horseshoes