The Basic Cast Off

This section covers the simplest and generally the most wide spread method used for casting off.  It is very simple to do and very easy to learn.  The basic cast off method provides a straight clean line at the top of the garment which can be tied off or secured to prevent the stitches from unravelling over time.  It can also be used part way through the a garment such as when shaping armholes or shoulders, it allows certain stitches to be finished off while allowing work to continue of the rest of the garment.  Under these circumstances the required number of stitches are cast off but the work is not tied off or secured.

Casting off can be done from knit or purl depending on the requirements of the pattern.  The only difference is how you transfer the stitches to be cast off onto the right hand needle.

Basic Cast Off

Basic Cast Off step 1

Loosely knit 2 stitches on to the right hand needle.  The purl stitch can be used here if required for the pattern.

Basic Cast off step 2

Place the tip of the needle in your left hand catch the loop of the back stitch,and carefully pull it over the top of the stitch in front of it, and dropping it off the needle.

Basic Cast off step 3

This will leave just one stitch (one that was of left) on the right hand needle.

Basic Cast off step 4

Loosely knit or purl another stitch onto the right hand needle.

5. Basic cast off step 5

Again use the left hand needle catch the loop of the back stitch and pull it over the top of the first stitch and drop from the needle.

6. basic cast off step 6 Repeat until the required number of stitches have been cast off or you have only one stitch remaining.  Secure and Tie off.

When done correctly you get a plaited effect up the row of cast off stitches.