Seed markers

This page contains all the instructions needed to decorate seed markers.  These are small sticks usually with a point on one end, which gardeners use for marking where in the ground they have planted certain seeds.  These decorative sticks add a little colour to the garden (before the seeds sprout) and are the perfect gift for any gardener or will be admired on the allotment.  These seed markers are simple to make and a perfect activity to amuse your children over the holidays (always to be done under the supervision of a responsible adult of course).


  Seed Labels
Wooden Seed Markers / Plant Labels
Acrylic Paint
Fine Paint brush
Tracing Paper
Marker Pen / Pyrography tool (optional)
Seed Marker Template (optional)


Seed markers

Wooden seed labels / plant markers can be bought commercially from any good hardware shop or gardening store.

Seed Marker Outline
Draw the required pattern on the stick in pencil, or alternatively print the patterns used here and using tracing paper transfer then onto the sticks. 

This can be done by tracing the printed image onto tracing paper.  Turning the image over and tracing over the same lines.  The tracing paper is then turned over again, placed onto the stick and the original image drawn over again.  This will transfer the original image onto the stick
3. line filled seed labels
Using a pyrography tool or a marker pen draw around the pencil outline of pattern on the stick or fill in as required for black and white images.  Alternatively the outline can be created using black paint and a steady hand.

Care should be taken when handling pyrography tools as the tips are very hot and can burn easily.  This technique is not suitable for young children.

4.  decorative seed markers
Using a fine paint brush, paint the pattern on the stick to add extra colour.  Here we have used acrylic paint as this is suitable for use outdoors.