Chakra wedding horseshoe
Chakra wedding horseshoe

Nixneedles Chakra wedding horseshoe

Decorative horseshoes individually handmade from real horseshoe. This horseshoe is covered in cream ribbon and decorated with crystals to balance the chakras.

Nixneedles Chakra wedding horseshoe

Decorative horseshoes are individually handmade from real horseshoes, perfect as an unusual gift or as a lucky horseshoe.  These horseshoes make the perfect wedding gift, and provide a symbol of luck the happy couple will cherish for ever.  The horseshoes come complete with handle for easy carrying and to allow them to be hung on the wall as a keepsake.  Not suitable for long term use outside and if children are allowed to carry this shoe they should be supervised at all times.

The shoe is from the back hoof of a horse and is covered with cream ribbon, leaves and crystals to balance the chakras.  The horseshoe measures approximately 14cm x 16cm and weighs approximately 295g.

The chakra stones are: White Howlite (Crown); Amethyst (Third Eye); Blue Agate (Throat); Adventurine (Heart); Citrine (Solar Plexus); Red Jasper (Sacral) and Black Agate (Base)

Horseshoes are individually made and individual items may vary slightly from the photographed image.

If you cannot see the perfect shoe here for your requirements, we can be custom make horseshoes in any colour or style required, or using a shoe from your own favorite horse.  Please contact me for details.